Science fiction

Diorama 7 is a science fiction story that imagines a pessimistic future for humanity. A strange world, dominated by the empty gaze of a being that observes everything: the Devourer.

The first printed volume was published in 2019 in Brazil, and this year it was released in the US by Behemoth publishing house .


It was a finalist in the Cubo de Ouro 2021 award in the Best Geek Literature category. The production of volume 3 is in full swing and the crowdfunding campaign (through Catharsis) for its publication will soon be on the air.

Check out the beginning of the story for free, in Portuguese and in English, on Tapastic's website/app (online comics platform).

Diorama 7


Vegetarian dinosaurs

A children's book on friendship, dinosaurs and vegetarianism. With text by Kiko Pissolato and illustrated by me.

Dino Vegx

The wordless link

Elo is my first comic book without texts , a tale about the importance of each link that surrounds us.

The book was published in 2018, after a crowdfunding campaign in Catarse. He won two nominations for the HQMIX Trophy , being in the National Colorist and National Finalist categories.

The story shows the difficult time in a village in the mountains, when the trees begin to dry and the long winter is unrelenting. Guided by a leaf in the wind, a father and his son set off in search of hope through the blizzard. Every gesture, every feeling and every attitude can forever transform every link in their lives.


Comic + Game

Thinking a little beyond the incredible connection that reading comics makes possible, I decided to create a Mini Game based on my comic Elo, seeking to expand the interaction between the media.

Elo Mini Game

Humor + Role Playing Games

This series of humor appeared through weekly comic strips published on the website Barba do Bardo, in which I am a co-founder. The strips make humor using the universe of RPG games and medieval fantasy.


After a successful crowdfunding campaign, it was possible to publish the book compiling the best strips on the web. In addition, an unprecedented comic book with the characters of the series was added, where we follow the hero Paladino in his first steps in search of XP.

Knights of the Round Tavern

The Path of the Sword

Based on the comic book series Knights of the Round Tavern, this game is a demo version of a project we were planning at the time. In the best 2D platform game style, in The Path of the Sword we face terrible goblins, encounter ghosts from the past and drink healing potions to survive the journey.

The Path of the Sword

Humor + Superheroes

The series Profissão Super-Herói appeared in the weekly strips on the Barba do Bardo website. Making satires with the superheroes we love so much.


In 2016, after the successful crowdfunding campaign, it was possible to publish the book with the compilation of the best strips on the web, as well as exclusive extras for this publication. It was also a finalist in the HQMIX Trophy award in the Humor Publication category.

Profession Superhero